[2.5h all-you-can-drink] enjoy oysters in a variety of cooking methods oyster Dzukushi luxury course all 9 dishes 6,000 yen (2 people ~ OK!)

6000 yen

With from 2 people OK! 2.5h all-you-can-drink, party course of Paccio.Morning caught are fresh fish and fresh vegetables of pole and line, even by all means ♪ women's meetings and joint party-small party in the stylish space of many! Marin taste of delicious Italian using the Hiroshima ingredients recommended ◎


Homemade focaccia (free refills)

- Arrive from various parts of Japan today of raw oysters three

Fukuyama-Kaneto Fisheries fresh fish and oyster appetizer platter

Yamaoka in fisheries oyster fly homemade tartar sauce

- Today's oysters baked three

Miyajima-waters mussels in white wine steamed

Of Hiroshima Prefecture oyster peperoncino spaghetti

Rossini style, oysters and beef skirt steak

- Today's dessert

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