【Enjoy plenty of oysters!】 Autumn oyster preparation course 8 items 4500 yen

4500 yen

Plus 1500 yen for 2.5 hours with sparkling and all you can drink


■ Homemade Focaccia

■ 7 different raw oysters of the day from places throughout the country

■ Baña cauda of black snapper miso from Etajima · Takamori main store

■ Hiroshima prefecture oyster fried with homemade tartar sauce

■ Gratin of oysters from Hiroshima Prefecture

■ 6 oysters oven baked oyster mist

■ Spaghetti with oysters and porcini mushrooms from Hiroshima prefecture

■ Today's Dolce

Customers who order this course only!

«+ 1500 yen with sparkling 2.5 hours drink as much as you can» I can put up!